Principal 's DESK 
Sr. Ancy Joseph,
Saint Joseph's School,
NTPC, Kahalgaon

My Dear Parents, Students and Teachers,

With the start of the new session, please remember that each and every one of you play a key role in helping us to achieve our vision of first choice to learn, to work, and to grow! 

The performance of the students in academic as well as co-curricular activities has charged all of us with enthusiasm and given to think that we as a school are growing. It is most apparent to me that the cause of my life and causes of your life are on parallel tracks. We want to see each of you grow and thrive, question and learn. 

In our attempt to reach every student and in our work to make a difference in the life of all our students, we present a rich curriculum which is being continually updated. We differentiate instruction so that students achieve success. Our teacherís caring attitudes lead to tremendous student success. 

We have excellent Management members who are true partners in our work; they are tireless, they uphold a standard of excellence, and we are extremely fortunate and thankful for all that they contribute to our school community. 

The values of the world we inhabit, and the people we surround ourselves with, have a profound effort on who we are. I again stress the need to understand the critical importance of a shared vision, and how that unity of understanding can lead us one degree closer to greatness. 

Our shared values are based upon diversity, integrity and respect. From a foundation of leadership, we use innovation and teamwork to achieve excellence. It is a combination of building collaboration, a willingness to work extraordinarily hard, and the ability to recognize opportunities that ultimately will lead to success. As Josephite  family we look forward to continuing to provide many different learning opportunities for students.


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